Corporate Investment

While all businesses would rather have surplus cash than not enough, maintaining these reserves without a corporate investment strategy can lead to paying more tax.

When a company builds up surplus (taxed) profits as cash reserves, the interest it generates is also taxable, despite the fact that it results from income that has itself already been taxed.

Because no-one wants to end up paying more tax than they have to, an option that might be considered is to ensure that any surplus cash is invested in an appropriate, tax-efficient manner.

Milsted Langdon Financial Services can help your business invest surplus cash reserves in such a way as to benefit strong growth potential with a controlled risk, tax efficient environment, with a greatly reduced administrative burden.

Because the best interests of your business is our priority, we offer completely independent advice on a wide range of corporate investment options based on your company’s financial position.

To find out how we can help you in this respect, please contact our specialist advisers at our BathBristolTauntonYeovil and London offices.