Do you have good financial protection just in case the worst happens?

Do you have good financial protection just in case the worst happens?

Anyone who owns a car knows that it is a legal requirement to have proper insurance, which  protects both ourselves and other road users should the worst happen.

Similarly, most of us will have in place home insurance and few of us would think of travelling abroad without taking out a decent travel insurance policy.

But what about other types of insurance? For example, do you have financial protection if other aspects of your life don’t go to plan?

What happens if you become ill, lose your job, your spouse dies or something happens to your business partner?

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that your future is unknown and it’s important to consider the risks and prepare for the worst case scenario.

This means thinking about what’s important to you – for example your family, your business, your home (whether rented or mortgage) and making sure they’re protected.

No two people are the same and the type of protection you need will depend on your personal circumstances and stage in life.

We are able to offer protection to suit your individual needs including:

  • Income Protection Benefit – which will provide a monthly pay out if you can’t work due to illness or injury
  • Family and Personal Income Plan – which provides a monthly income to help your family if you or your spouse dies
  • Business Protection – protects against the financial impact of death or critical illness on your business

The plans offered by Milsted Langdon Financial Services include the cost of commission paid to your adviser. The good news is that the overall cost is comparable to taking out cover direct but by consulting us you have the added peace of mind that the plans are suitable for your particular needs.

We are happy to discuss the options available, so please contact us to find out more.